Eco Studio Solutions Reclaimery Mosaics

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Estudio is the proud distributor of a variety of ecologically friendly building products designed to save energy and natural resources and ultimately help your bottom line.

Reclaimery Thermal Wood Mosaics

  • Backsplashes, Decorative Walls, Niches
  • 14 products available in 3 product series: 1.) Geometrical, 2.) Stereo and 3.) Insert
  • Interior Applications
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Thermo Kiln

Insert Series, Myosotis Copper Design


Thermo-treated wood is a natural pure wood material which was treated under extremely high temperatures in oxygen-free environment (just heat and water steam).
After thermo-treatment wood:

  • Increased dimensional stability – Moisture related shrinkage and swelling is reduced.

Insert Series, Myosotis Design

Printing and website color representation is as accurate as possible. Variation is inherent in materials. Please request samples to verify color range.

Stereo Series, Star Design

Stereo Series chips, a mix of .39" & .59" thickness for a 3D quality.

Geometrical Series, Star Design

Geometrical Series chips are roughly .39" thickness.

Stereo Series, Star Design

Geometrical Series, Star Design

Stereo Series, Linear Design
Stereo Series, Scallop Design

Thermo-treated Wood:

  • Repels moisture - at the molecular level and lowers the equilibrium moisture content by 50%-90
  • Enhanced Visually - the finished product has a color consistent to the center of the wood and the grain structure is beautifully accented
  • 100% chemically free - it is 100% “Green” product and “Green” technology
  • Increased durability; 10 to 15 times stronger
  • North American Forest wood species
Star Design
Scallop Design
Honeycomb Design
Standard Hex Design
Insert Series, Myosotis Design
Pinwheel Design
Linear Design
Long Hex Design
Geometrical Series,
Honeycomb Design

Geometrical Series, Standard Hex Design


Stereo Series, Long Hex Design